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Spanish Sea Aged Cava, Wine and Cider

Aged on land in seawater tanks. It has been said to be 
"Wonderful" when tasted by experts.

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Our Sea aged Cava, Cider and Wines.
Are aged in seawater, on land in seawater tanks.


This allows us to have...
The full benefits of sea ageing, with full control of temperature and quality of the seawater.

Our tanks allow us to "sea age" in just 2-3 months. 
Normally in the open sea this takes 9-12 months.

On land we have access to the bottles at all times, and as there is no under the sea pressure. there is no chance of any contamination. 

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Ageing wine on land in seawater tanks, also protects and saves the natural sea environment


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What actually does sea ageing do ?

The process known as sea ageing, allows all wines and ciders to evolve and become softer and smoother. You will be left wanting for more.....

Once submerged within our tanks, the bottle is subject to conduction. This means that the temperature is even around the whole bottle. 

We control the environment within the tanks, to bring you the most perfect wine, it will not fail to please.


Our Cava, wine and ciders do not just taste Lovely even the aroma is enhanced.

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All of our seawater aged products are of the highest quality.

They taste good without sea ageing in our tanks.
However, once they have been in a tank for months, in the perfect
conditions, in complete Darkness..... They transform. 

The Cava becomes softened, The wine more mellow and the cider becomes smooth. It is a recipe for perfection.

We have patents for the tanks. Obviously we have growing demand, so much so we are looking for people to join us as a business opportunity.

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This video is from the Spanish TV news. La Sexta

It was shown prime time, it shows the inventor of the Sea Aged Wine tanks Graham Smith

And the "Casa Del Vino partners" in Spain for distribution

Contact us: info@seaaged.com
Tel Spain (0034)    662 406 516