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The benefits of ageing in seawater have been known for hundreds of years.

Ancient Greeks and Romans would place wine into the seawater in sealed vessels. 

It was certainly not to keep it cool. It was conduction. When a vessel is surrounded by water, it has an even effect which allows the wine, Cava or Cider to evenly evolve...

We use Parellada, Macabeo and Xarel-lo
Grapes in our Sea Aged Cava.

All  Cava is first made in the tradional way. Then we age in the seawater tanks

Using our tanks ensures there are no sea creatures killed. The bottles come out of the tank with just sea salt on

You have the choice of the eco bags or no bag.  Also remeber that we are onland in purified seawater.

No contamination of the wine is possible. It is pure and safe

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