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Made from the finest Spanish apples.

Spains northern region has a climate similar to the UK. Lots of rain, but with lovely long summers.


The area known as the Basque region, has produced cider for hundreds of years.

We age the cider in our Seawater tanks, similar to the Cava & Wine. Except we change the seawater temperature.

It is a crisp cider, and once sea aged it becomes soft and smooth.

Taking 2-3 months to age within the seawater tanks. 

It is ideal for BBQs, Weddings, and in the winter a fantastic reminder of summer. Sat in the pub or at home.

Our bottles are 75cl, way over the pint glass size. So you get more cider for your money...!!!

Our cider is great to have with any meat or vegetable dishes.

It is vegan approved and can be used for cooling in paellas.

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