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This is one of our smaller tanks.

Cava, wine or cider bottles are loaded inside this tank.
(on land, the seawater is inside the tank)

This model is on a purpose built metal pallet and can be used as a demonstration display.

It can hold over 700 bottles inside. With seawater inside the tank at a set temperature anywhere in the world. So you don't even need to be near the sea.


Here are two tanks in the process of going to the warehouse facility. Compressors
are seen which keep the seawater inside the tanks at the perfect temperature.

Our seawater tanks were featured on Spanish national television news. Which you can watch, located in the press page.

The exact location of the warehouse where the tanks are kept is a secret. 

Each tanks water, heating and cooling system is run by solar power. This is another environment saving feature. All sea water inside can be recycled, into drinking water at a desalination plant.

1 new tank WIFI.jpg

This is our latest model of tank.
It can hold 2,000 to 3,000 bottles

Patented as are the other tanks.
This tank is even more environment friendly and all the water heating and cooling is solar powered.

The water temperature is critical. So it is ideal that we can control the temperature of the seawater inside. This is via an App from anywhere any time.

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